The 3 Best Demo Tips – Win More Deals with These

Previously, we discussed how the demo is not just some long and exhaustive exploration of product features that nobody asked about. This tidbit of SaaS sales insight predictably gave many awesome listeners that ‘Aha!’ moment they’ve been looking for. And so we are back with more demo content.

A word of caution, however, especially to first-time software founders and sales newbies. As much as we say that the demo is so much more than what everyone thinks it is, we do not want anyone to have the damaging misconception that demos are overwhelming when they’re anything but.

In this week’s sales tip, I discuss the three top demo tips many of my wonderful clients have used to double, triple, or even quadruple their conversion rates. I also explain the reasoning behind each tip and how you can efficiently achieve your desired outcome for your SaaS.

As long as you closely follow these three tips, You will see an immediate improvement in your closing rate and your closing speed. Fun fact: Did you know that some of my clients execute these tips so well that they close from the discovery call alone?

But if you want more powerful demo tactics in your sales arsenal, I have compiled all the tips you need for a high-impact and massively successful demo. These are the demo strategies used by top software salespeople and business owners. And I want you to have them, too, to get the astounding valuation you deserve!

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