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4 Steps to Getting Lots of Leads from Partners

Business partners aren’t usually what flashes in our heads whenever we think of prospects. Instead, we automatically think of our software salespeople, the marketing team, and paid ads. But did you know that business partnerships can be a golden source of quality leads?

Now, I get it. Some might think, “Well, that doesn’t sound like the partnerships I have” And that’s sad, to be honest. So here’s where good ol’ Sales Coach Matt enters the scene. Let’s build better current and new brand partnerships with your SaaS partners!

Today’s video will teach you four easy steps to building a prosperous and mutually beneficial SaaS partnership. You will also learn how to find the right partner in the first place to make the most out of your business relationship. In the end, you will understand how to keep the fire burning by constantly fueling your pipeline.

Get ready to say “no thank you” to dry brand partnerships and swipe to a steady and bountiful long-term connection with your fellow SaaS founders. Watch this video and prepare to scale with all of your partners!