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A Simple Trick to Close More Deals Through Connecting with Buyers

Even if your SaaS product is amazing, closing the deal will only be affected by your luck if you cannot click with your prospect during the demo. Think of it as being stuck in the talking stage when trying to pursue someone because there simply wasn’t any spark.

Now, what is the easiest way to make your prospect feel like your software is the one they need? Simple, you just have to show them that you are the same as them. Make them feel you are their twin flame by making them feel 100% understood.

The human psyche is built, so we are biased toward familiar things. It feels safe and comfortable. This is why we look for shared interests as a conversation starter whenever we make friends or try to build connections. When it comes to demos, we don’t necessarily have to do this.

Instead of having a time-consuming conversation that can backfire if deemed as too salesy, we’ll be doing a little verbal mimicry. But this doesn’t mean transforming into a yes man for your prospect. That’s also going to be a big turn-off.

To understand how it’s done, watch my latest sales video. This tactic is so easy that it takes almost no time to execute. What’s even better is that the momentum of your closed deals will keep accelerating!