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Boost Your Outreach and Conversion with Personalization at Scale – with Ian Naylor

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Personalization is not the wave of the future, but the now. Giving your prospects a unique experience with your product can be the best strategy you have ever done. 

In this episode of SaaS Story in the Making, host Matt Wolach and Ian Naylor, Co-Founder of Hyperise and Founder and CEO at AppInstitute, talk about how you can leverage image personalization as a strategy. With Naylor’s experiences in providing dynamic personalization, he shares valuable techniques to make businesses boost outreach and conversion effectively. 


Podcast: SaaS-Story in the Making

Episode: Episode No 206., “Boost Your Outreach and Conversion with Image Personalization ”

Host: Matt Wolach, a B2B SaaS sales coach, Entrepreneur, and Investor

Guest: Ian Naylor, Co-Founder of Hyperise and Founder and CEO at AppInstitute


Visualize Your Prospects’ Product

SaaS marketing materials have a single goal– to make your prospects act through your Call-to-Action. These powerful CTAs are placed along attention-grabbing materials to encourage conversion. But besides including it in text-heavy posts, take advantage of visuals. 

Product visualization and personalization allow your prospects to be involved in your company. Naylor shared his experience in AppInstitute where they show clients what their personalized app would look like. By integrating their details right away, they see a glimpse of their product’s potential using AppInstitute. Using personalized visuals effectively reinforces CTA and increases conversions. 

Naylor mentioned that it “was something that Steve Jobs talked about putting the product in people’s hands.” Like in Apple, you get to touch the product as you look at it. It allows you to make a more informed decision before buying it because you have a preview of what the experience would look like. 

Similarly, SaaS companies have the power to create experiences through their products. And a great customer experience increases sales. This is why you offer free trials because prospects want to know what they’re getting into before buying it. Visualizing their product is the experience– let them see what their profile would look like all set up, and just as Naylor says in AppInstitute, “here’s your app, click here to claim it.”   

Make Use of Pattern Interrupt        

Pattern interrupt is a technique used to grab people’s attention and alter their behavior or response in a particular situation. It is also an effective sales and marketing approach that can lead to more mindshare and, soon, increased response to CTA. 

The brain processes images quickly. Because of this, visuals are an effective trigger to pattern interrupt. As Naylor described, “when the brain sees that, it just slams the brake on and says, ‘Hey, pay more attention.’” This is where image personalization comes in. When you’re giving your prospects something news– in this case, a personalized preview of their product– it becomes a striking first impression that opens them up. You’re “creating that moment of delight for somebody… So they’re way more susceptible or open to your message and what you’re going to say and to read.” 

Pattern interrupt can be used to make you stand out from the competition. As it creates mindshare, your prospects become more engaged with your product. And taking hold of that attention, you can give value and make them trust you and your product, which allows them to make a more informed decision. Eventually, they will take in your CTA and convert.   

Incorporate your USP          

Your unique selling proposition is another thing that should make you stand out from the competition. It combines what your market wants, what you do best, and how unique you are among other companies. When this is clear and set, every message you get out there revolves sound the USP. 

At the beginning of this podcast, we talked about Star Wars. It is Naylor’s background in the video that caught my attention. It became a pattern interrupt and an ice breaker to start the conversation. It was not any of Naylor’s companies’ USP or idea for the show. Instead, it’s a kind of his brand that helped build up the story, our conversation, and what kept us hooked to it right from the start. 

Your prospects don’t have all day to absorb your value. And so, ask yourself “how can I communicate that USP in the shortest amount of time knowing that you’ve got six seconds or less to make that impact?” But the key is not talking about it instantly, especially in a conversation. Instead, start with an attention grabber– preferably an interest or something that relates to the prospect personally. Get them hooked and take the conversation from there.


Image Personalization 

Sales and marketing outreach are often text-heavy. However, studies show that humans are visual learners and can process images 60,000 times faster than text. Companies should leverage this by incorporating visuals in marketing materials. And along with image personalization, it creates a significant impact on increasing outreach and conversion rates.

Image personalization is a strategy to bespoke your materials and message to a prospect’s details. These personalized materials give them a unique experience of being a part of your product. Hyperise makes this experience happen. As they allow you to incorporate dynamic personalization in creating purposeful images, it reflects your message and CTA that strikes your market’s attention. How humans process images create considerable potential for visual materials. Make the most out of it. 

Promotes Differentiation 

They say, “you can’t go wrong with personalized gifts.” The significance of the item and the connection between the giver and receiver make it special. The same idea goes with image personalization. It allows you to be different from your competitors. Since you can associate their product with yours, it automatically creates a connection. And that impact makes them drawn to you more. Because you are giving your prospects a unique experience of your product, you are differentiated from the crowd. 

Naylor said, “it’s one of those things that before you see the results, you may be kind of skeptical about “how can I make such a big impact?” But knowing its potential and seeing its effects on his company, image personalization goes a long way. Before, he did it manually through Photoshop. But its efficiency paved the way for it to be automated and highly accessible to the business industry. Still, not everyone realizes this. And you should take advantage of it to stand out. 


Ian Naylor

[18:45] “Seeing your logo upfront, when it’s triggering the pattern interrupt. So you’re grabbing people’s attention. It’s done in a very purposeful way.”

[22:09] “How can I communicate that USP in the shortest amount of time knowing that, in reality, you’ve got six seconds or less to kind to make that impact?”

Matt Wolach

[23:18] “I think personalization is not just the wave of the future, but the “now,” and it’s super important. I love how you talked about making sure you’re hitting to them and showing your personalized side.”


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