How to Sell More Through Copywriting – With Aaron Wrixon


There are lots of emerging Artificial Intelligence software that could help you boost your content creation. But you’ve got to keep in mind that your content has to get your message across to your buyers. You’ve got to be able to connect with others through your words. 

Founder of WRIXON, Aaron Wrixon, explains AI can help copywriters and the difference between AI-generated content and human-created content. He also talked with Host and B2B SaaS Sales Coach Matt Wolach about the importance of communicating the value of your product.


Podcast: Scale your SaaS

Episode: Episode No. 257, “How to Sell More Through Copywriting – With Aaron Wrixon” 

Host: Matt Wolach, a B2B SaaS sales coach, Entrepreneur, and Investor

Guest: Aaron Wrixon 


Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Marketing 

The global AI market has been booming in this digital age, with an annual growth of 36.62% percent. Those of us in the marketing industry always look for ways to increase the company’s impact without increasing the budget. In copywriting, AI can be used for specific processes like ideating, pipelining, and scanning a website. But in the end, you still have to assess whether it’s the path you want to go down if it makes sense, or if it accurately reflects the value of the SaaS product you’re copywriting for. 

Copywriting is an Art

Undoubtedly, AI software can generate a copy in just a matter of seconds. However, AI can’t talk about the product genuinely or say what makes the product different, it can’t identify the features and benefits, how a product differs from the competition, and how it should be improved. Copywriting is an art. Human-created content can actually connect with others, it can compel your target audience to know your brand and use your brand. AI can’t persuade people, but people can persuade other people. 

Be an Advocate

You have got to know your product’s value and how to advocate for your buyer. Put yourself in their shoes and get on the same page to know them better and determine their needs. Make sure to be consistent throughout. 


Copywriters and AI

AI is widely used in the marketing industry to create copy and content. However, while AI is very useful, it is imperfect. When asked if ChatGPT will soon replace copywriters, Aaron Wrixon replied negatively, comparing it to the difference between a professionally cooked meal by a chef and a microwave dinner.

Like a chef, a copywriter must study for years and train to create website content that speaks directly to a target audience that drives conversations. A copywriter will understand the nuances of language and how to craft a compelling copy that resonates with its readers. A copywriter will provide valuable insights into what works best for a company’s needs. 

On the other hand, an AI can generate 250 words in a few seconds, which can be quick and efficient. Like a microwave meal, the results might not be as fulfilling as they should and may not be as satisfying as if you made something from scratch. But if you’re in a hurry and you need a piece of copy right away, then AI will be efficient for you because it’s fast.


Aaron Wrixon

[05:03] “A great product is half of the question. You need the product, but you also need the messaging.”

[17:16] “This is this is one of the key mistakes is is thinking that because you developed a great product, then you know how to communicate its value.”

Matt Wolach 

[10:55] “If you really need results from your website or from your copy, you need someone who has that nuance that a human can deliver.”

[18:09] “We should be helping, not selling.”


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