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How to Use Emotion & Logic in Your Demos

People Buy with Emotion, But They Justify with Logic

Ever heard the phrase: “people buy with emotion, but justify with logic”?

It’s very true, so how can you use that in a sales call or demo?

One of the most important points of this, is knowing how to structure your calls to generate the emotional response you’re looking for.

So having a well laid out and well-planned sales process and demo are critical.

But in the demo, there are certain ways to pull the emotions from your prospect.

To get them REALLY feeling the need for a solution.

And to make sure that that emotion points them to YOUR solution.

But then you need to back it up with logic.

You need them to justify their emotions to themselves.

How can you do that?

Check the video for the answer.

Then make sure you’re doing the same in your demos and sales calls.

If you want help and guidance, I’m happy to assist, just book a call with me here.

We can sit down and figure out the best way for you to grab your prospects’ emotions and convince them of your solution.

Just send me a message and we’ll set up a time.

Then watch your close rates skyrocket.