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How to Win More Customers Using LinkedIn – with Donna Serdula


Having more than 900 million users worldwide, LinkedIn has evolved into a powerful marketing tool. Any business or brand can improve its sales and marketing efforts by building a great LinkedIn page or profile and establishing a professional network through high-quality content.

President of Vision Board Media, Donna Serdula, explains how LinkedIn can grow your brand. She also discussed the S-O-A-R methodology with Host and B2B SaaS Sales Coach Matt Wolach, which can help skyrocket your traction. Read more to find out! 


Podcast: Scale Your SaaS

Episode: Episode No. 255, “How to Win More Customers Using LinkedIn – with Donna Serdula”

Host: Matt Wolach, a B2B SaaS sales coach, Entrepreneur, and Investor

Guest: Donna Serdula, President of Vision Board Media 



 Statistics show that as of January 2023, LinkedIn has at least 900.2 million members all over the globe. LinkedIn is the superior platform when it comes to professional business connections, and this is what makes it beneficial for any business. To use it to your brand’s advantage, you have to have a good strategy. Identify your target audience and be clear about what you want to do, what people need to know about you, and how you want to be seen. 


Your profile tells your story. LinkedIn is a great platform for branding and can help you build a powerful presence on the social network. Capture the attention of potential clients and coworkers by getting your message across – tell them who you are, what you’re good at, what you stand for, and why you matter. It shouldn’t look like a resume or a bio. Your LinkedIn profile should be something they could connect with and relate to. 


In the world of business, your network is what you use to reach new partners and potential customers. Getting more connections or followers on your LinkedIn page is a surefire way to amplify your brand and increase brand awareness. You can find and join LinkedIn groups, encourage your employees to join LinkedIn and connect with you, and engage with your audience.


Once you’ve established your LinkedIn page or profile, it’s time to create content. Deliver real value to your followers and connections by giving them helpful and informative content. You can create a content calendar and decide how many times you should post in a day and what times you should post. 



Use LinkedIn as a Networking Tool

LinkedIn is, without a doubt, the world’s most extensive professional network. The social platform is filled with like-minded professionals who are also looking to grow their network. You can use it to connect with people, interact with coworkers, and build your brand. Grow your reach by following the S-O-A-R method (Strategize, Optimize, Amplify, Relate). 

Perfect Your Profile 

Remember to put in effort regarding the profile picture and headline. Why the picture? It’s the first thing people see. It has to be visually appealing. Why does the headline matter? Aside from your name and picture, your headline is the only part of your profile that users will see in search results. This is why it’s important to have a headline that interests people enough to learn more about you.  


Donna Serdula

[03:04] “[LinkedIn] isn’t just a resume. This is your brand. This is, you know, your professional manifesto. This is how you can control how others perceive you.”

[16:08] “I think with the strategy that’s working well, with LinkedIn, it’s, again, it has that strong profile, really making sure that you’re telling your story.”

[21:40] “So take that time, craft that brand.”

Matt Wolach 

[14:50] “There’s a formula and I love that there’s kind of a plan you can put together and just block it out on your calendar.”


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