The Perfect Deal Process by Matt Wolach

Master the Art of the Demo with The Perfect DEAL Process

Giving software demos has become something of a lost art.  

Not everyone knows how to do them correctly, especially if they are new to SaaS sales. Apart from that, it’s different from giving demos in general. Just because you have experience in sales elsewhere doesn’t mean it will also work for doing a software demo.

If you are new to SaaS and you need to give a software demo, then you are in luck. It’s not as simple as explaining the product–that is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, there is a certain process you need to follow to deliver the perfect software demo. Otherwise, you are more likely to lose the deal. 

That begs the question: how exactly do you do a demo? 

The answer lies in the demo’s structure. 

The Perfect D.E.A.L. Process

This is the process that exponentially grew our company. And now my clients leverage this particular process to accelerate their close rate, as well as their growth rate. Bear in mind that this process is an amalgamation of various sales methodologies that work best for SaaS sales. 

Utilize it properly, and we are talking about 50-70% close rates. 

The process is made up of  four key components, namely:


Learn more about your prospect. 

Get inside their head and understand them. It’s more than just asking them a question and determining if they are a good fit. Instead, get them emotional about their problem or situation. That way, you are building a solid foundation for the rest of the sales process. 


MIT Sloan did a study showing that education is a critical component of the sales process, and how you educate your prospects matters at this juncture. 

Don’t just talk about your company–educate the buyers about yourself (people buy from people after all). 

Give them some personality, and they will love you. Doing so will also make the demo sound friendly yet professional.


Now that you have made a good impression on them, it’s time to associate your solution with their problems. 

This is also the time you go back to what you learned in Discovery. Once you have learned about their situation, associate your product with their specific needs. Apart from that, you can also associate what you taught them in Educate. 

Perhaps, there is a big push that your company is trying to put out there and educate the market on. Connect your solution that can potentially solve their problem, and you will get more deals than expected. 


Take control of the whole software demo. 

From conducting the sales calls to suggesting solutions to their problems, you need to be at the forefront of everything. If you want your deals to close, don’t be the person who asks, “what do you want to do?” The prospect does not have an idea of what to do, which is why they turn to you. You are (and have always been) the expert in this situation, so guide your prospect every step of the way.


In short, doing a software demo consists of Discovering, Educating, Associating, and Leading the way. The ball is in your court, and it’s up to you to make the deal-closing shot.

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