SaaS-Story in the Making Named a Top SaaS Podcast of 2021

Awarded by FE international, SaaS-Story in the Making Recognized as a Leader

In a year where our podcast has already seen tremendous growth (with each episode getting thousands of views and downloads), as well as an award for Matt Wolach as top host, another honor has been bestowed on the SaaS-Story in the Making Podcast.

FE International, a SaaS-focused mergers and acquisitions advisory, has named SaaS-Story in the Making one of it’s top SaaS podcasts of 2021.

“It’s an honor to be singled out for the work we’ve done,” said Matt Wolach, creator and Host of the SaaS-Story in the Making Podcast.

“And to be included amongst so many other incredible programs is phenomenal.”

SaaS founders have consistently turned to SaaS-Story in the Making to give them advice on startups, launching, growth, marketing, sales, and scaling their companies in smart and quick ways.

Each week Matt talks with a leader, creator, and/or innovator in the SaaS world as they share their story and top tips for reaching the pinnacle in their industries.

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