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Top Sales Trends That You Should Adapt to in 2020

Here’s some of what I’ve been seeing so far this year

There are some major recent developments in sales processes and technologies that you should not overlook. Let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Sales Enablement

There has been a lot of growth in the application of sales enablement in the past few years as more and more businesses implement sales enablement strategies. To stay on top of this trend you will have to take the time out to plan out your sales enablement strategy. This strategy should be able to help the new sales recruits get used to the existing sales processes in a company. Your ability to create onboarding and coaching programs to develop the skills of your sales reps will allow you to maximize the efficiency of your sales process.

2. Machine Learning and Sales

The most impactful of modern technologies has been artificial intelligence. It has the potential to disrupt industries across the globe and change what you think about your sales processes. The implementation of machine learning and artificial intelligence is geared towards making business processes and operations more productive. It also allows businesses to predict the future by extensive analysis of data.

3. Selling to Generation Z

Generation Z is formed by people born between the mid 90’s and mid-2000s. Your company should focus on the older generation Z who are quickly gaining market share and buying power. They are going to become the biggest generation of consumers by the end of 2020. Therefore your sales processes should be customized especially for generation Z since it prefers brick-and-mortar stores to online shopping. It is important that you learn more about their behavior and interest and come up with the best approach to convert them for your business.

4. Omni-channel Sales Experience

Generation Z is quickly gaining news market share, which is something you should be aware of. Now, this generation is also looking forward to having an integrated experience across all channels. This is because they use various devices and a lot of them are on different social and business platforms as well. They are often looking for personalized experiences and thus, it becomes important for you to move towards omn-ichannel marketing and get much closer to your potential customers. You can do that by identifying all the platforms in channels used by your target audience and then creating a seamless transition between all of them.

Final Thoughts

Your sales processes have to evolve over time. They have to become more productive and to do that, you will have to stay on top of the trends and actively implement new technologies and tactics to your sales process.