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Cybersecurity: Who Needs It and Why – with Andrew Rinaldi


Andrew Rinaldi, a co-founder at Defendify, lays Cybersecurity bare while discussing the tactics he and his team used to scale Defendify with Matt Wolach, the host of SaaS-Story in the Making podcast.

Andrew discusses the pivotal role Cybersecurity plays in business today. He touches on the ideal treatment Cybersecurity should get from the leadership level of businesses. Andrew also talks about the driving force for Cybersecurity and how businesses could scale in a world of bugs, phishing, malware, ransomware, and cyberattacks.

Andrew also shares tested tips for business success. He caps it all off with pieces of advice to software founders.


Podcast: SaaS-Story in the Making

Episode: Cybersecurity; Who Needs It and Why

Host: Matt Wolach, a B2B SaaS Sales Coach, Entrepreneur, and Investor

Guest: Andrew Rinaldi, co-founder at Defendify


No One is Safe

Cybersecurity has an elitist appeal. To a large extent, it is being connected to securing vast and complicated clusters of information networks that are thought to be exclusive to flourishing enterprises and high tiers of government.

Andrew thinks otherwise. He says Cybersecurity is a modern resource business (irrespective of size or scale) and persons, yes, persons, must have. As the world continues to speed up its digital growth, individuals and businesses need to protect some sort of sensitive data continues to grow. Governments, enterprises, small businesses, and individuals would always need to keep their secrets secret.

Information is power. Fortunately and unfortunately, information is very much easier to access today. There are individuals and institutions dedicated to exploiting the loops in the storage of information. They employ different ploys to access confidential data. No one is safe, not even the government. We all need to protect what is ours. We all need Cybersecurity.

One Cyber Defender Cannot Save the Cyber World

Andrew advocates that we adopt the culture of Cyberdefending. But the crusade against spammers, hackers, and phishers cannot be left to I.T and security professionals alone. Today, information security and the integrity of our Cyber fortresses keep us going. As such, Cybersecurity should not just be the business of the I.T room.

Cybersecurity is a societal issue. Andrew says everyone, every institution, and every facet of society must stand up against forces that threaten to weaken our Cyber strength.

Of course, not everyone is equipped with the knowledge of the “rocket science” Cybersecurity entails. Andrew thinks that creating awareness about Cybersecurity does enough good.

Your Value System is Your Basis

Every company stands for something. Every company is built upon a foundation of values that sets it apart from the competition. More often than not, the company’s values and vision are the connections the market would have about it.

Andrew advises that companies use their values as a yardstick in decision-making. Andrew advises companies to think about their core values and vision and use them as a measure of the market evaluation. Companies should also hire people that would make that vision a reality.

Andrew chooses targets over dreams. Andrew advises that companies opt for authentic and not aspirational values. Companies should figure out what they want to be and strike a balance with achieving amazing results.


Yes, you have Sensitive Data

“Take something in your business and ask yourself if you would care if other people saw it. If yes, you have sensitive information. Companies have stuff to protect. Today, the barriers for an attacker are just a few clicks. It is easier to find information on companies so attacks are easier to launch.”

“The attacks we are seeing today are now on every size of business. Everyone has sensitive data. It is hard to find a business that does not do some kind of digital business. It does not have to be e-commerce. It is could be storing files digitally. Hackers are after anybody doing business these days.”

A Blockchain of Hands is needed

“The Cybersecurity stuff, though it is not all tech, and it entails running awareness training programs, and developing training policies, often comes back to I.T. So what we need is a conversation at the leadership level and talking about what it means because it is a business issue, it is a socio-economic issue, it is a continuity issue, it is a brand and reputation issue but it is also bubbling up in the I.T room amongst C.T.O’s, I.T directors, and I.T personnel.”

“It is a collaborative conversation and it is begging some questions from leadership teams and technical staff.”

Prioritize Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a core function in your business. It’s got a lot of moving parts. It’s not just one thing. There is no magic bullet unfortunately as evidenced by so many breaches. So it is a core function in your business.”

“Prioritize it and treat it like a posture. It is not something you can just do in a day and be good to go. You have to do it every day. It is a model of continuous improvement and it should be budgeted for.”



[03:54] “Cybersecurity is a core function in your business”

[05:27] “It is the things that people don’t want people to find that attackers are after.”

[08:45] “Take something in your business and ask yourself if you would care if other people saw it. If yes, you have sensitive information.”

[11:48] “Cybersecurity is a business issue, a socio-economic issue, a continuity issue, and a brand and reputation issue.”


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