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Great Marketing, Terrible Sales

Gone are the days when marketing and sales did not get along and it was fine. Understanding how one department can help the other allows them to work together efficiently. When done right, they can continuously attract and secure customers for the business. However, some SaaS companies fail to create balance among these areas–prioritizing one over the other. 

In my early days as a SaaS sales coach, I remember seeing a software company in a similar situation. Their marketing department was amazing in that it ticked the right boxes of a good marketing process: a clean and modern website, smooth collateral and videos, a great copy on why people should take action, and even their ads were great. With this process, this software company can easily attract prospects. But all of these successful warm-ups lead to nothing because this software company has a terrible sales process.

Now, this brings us to the question, does great marketing matter when the sales side is terrible? Here are my two cents about it:

Structure and Streamline Your Sales Process

A productive SaaS sales process does not have to be perfect. But, it should be well structured to give your prospects confidence that you know what you are doing. 

The software company in question, on the other hand, was terrible at this. They were taking too long to respond to leads, their responses were off, and they did not follow up after the initial conversation. 

But the worst thing is when they do have conversations, they are terrible in demos. It appears that the amount of effort that they have put through in marketing did not reflect in sales. Wherein the sales process is where leads are being converted into paying customers. 

A good marketing strategy drives leads, but it would not matter if those leads are being put to waste. 

That company’s sales process should be well structured to accommodate leads. And ensure that they can properly give the prospect a good buying journey. 

Streamlining your sales process may be tricky. But with the right guide and formula, not only can you make the most of the leads you get, but you can also give a quality customer experience. 

This is why I created The Perfect D.E.A.L Process, to be able to establish your sales machine as you begin to close more deals effortlessly. 

Don’t Waste Great Marketing With Terrible Sales 

A great marketing process is like a warm-up. 

You are going to captivate and inform your prospects of the value of your product. But as your marketing strategy works, you have to prepare for the incoming inquiries on their way. 

While this is part of the validation that your marketing worked, you still have to secure your prospects and find a way to make them your paying customers. And this can only be done through an effective sales process. 

Marketing takes a lot of time, effort, and resources. 

The amount of preparation you went through for campaigns should not go to waste. So you have to make sure it is all worth it with a streamlined software sales process.

At the end of the day, marketing and sales should closely be working together. 

Do it right and watch your business revenue and valuation skyrocket.