Sales from Pop Culture: Breaking Bad

How Walter White’s multi-million dollar drug empire from Breaking Bad can help you close software deals.

Being bad can actually be a good thing. No pun intended. 

Just ask Walter White, who is one of the most complex and most polarizing fictional characters in the history of television. 

For an established protagonist like him, his character has many layers and dimensions to it. He was the perfect example of an anti-hero archetype. 

Sure, he was a loving father and husband who went the extra mile to support his family in spite of his terminal illness.

However, he used his knowledge and capabilities to create illegal drugs. Not to mention, he asked for help from Jesse Pinkman, one of his former students. 

How did Walter do it, though? 

He built his drug empire from the ground up. 

As time went on, things slowly took a turn for the worse. 

While his crystal meth business grew in massive proportions, he killed many people along the way without even realizing his slide into the depths. 

In short, he was a murderer.

And yet, for many of us, we still saw him as a hero. 

Despite his shady business transactions and questionable means of making a living, people still rooted for him because we knew his backstory, a loving family man. 

We, the viewers, kept watching as the story unfolded despite knowing the fact that Walter is a terrible person. 

In other words, we related to him and connected with him to a certain extent. 

Without Walter White, there would be no story. 

There would not be Breaking Bad, arguably one of the greatest TV shows of all time.

Even if you didn’t get swept up in the Breaking Bad saga, it would have been difficult to miss the powerful hold it had on its audience, the awards it racked up, or the place it earned popular culture.

Sales Translation

You might all be wondering, what does Walter White and Breaking Bad have to do with SaaS sales?

The same principle above actually applies to making a sale. 

Powerful storytelling is your key to success. 

Stories are incredible motivators to getting prospects on your side, to pull for you.

They draw people in to show interest in your product or service, and that matters just as much as the features and benefits. 

Once you have captured their attention and established rapport with your prospects, they will now desire your product or service more.

The rest is gravy, and you’ll be one step away from securing the deal.

People want a good story, and Walter White did just that – exceptionally.

If a story can do that for someone like him, a drug dealer and murderer, imagine how it can help a good company sell more.

As Walter said: “You will like it, you will be good at it, and you will feel alive.”

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