Why Your SEO Strategy Isn’t Working – with Alan Silvestri


SEO has been one of the cornerstones of content marketing in SaaS. You hear this term a lot among businesspeople and corporations. Many brands use this strategy, often stating that their blog adheres to SEO principles. And yet only a few actually generate traffic, much less close a deal from any of their web content.

In this episode of Scale Your SaaS, Growth Gorilla Founder, and CEO Alan Silvestri reveals his framework for setting your SEO game up for a victory with host and B2B SaaS sales coach Matt Wolach. He also shares other techniques and common mistakes when scaling through content. Tap the power of backlinking to make your content truly count!


Podcast: Scale Your SaaS with Matt Wolach

Episode: Episode No. 263, “Why Your SEO Strategy Isn’t Working – with Alan Silvestri”

Host: Matt Wolach, a B2B SaaS sales coach, Entrepreneur, and Investor

Guest: Alan Silvestri, Founder & CEO at Growth Gorilla


Know What Page to Promote

For many software newbies in backlinks, it can be very tempting to aim for whichever page is at the top of Google search results. The common thinking is that since they are already number one, it would guarantee that there will be traffic to your content. But remember, this only means something if they can be converted into customers.  

So to make your backlinks more efficient, target pages that are lower on page one or those on page two. Next would be figuring out which of those pages have business potential by asking your client to select 10-20 pages. All that’s left after this would be figuring out the rank ability potential and going for the choice that gives you lesser competition. 

Select the Right Backlink Type and Quantity

After choosing which pages are ideal for backlinking, you must filter it out further by checking if the page uses the right link type. This means ensuring that the domain is right for your content. It’s also about ensuring that the rank of the page where the backlinks will be is also high so that you will truly get traffic.

And then, you have to decide how many backlinks you will use monthly. So you will have to go back to Google to check the top 10 websites in the search results. Then you must find the referring domains for these and how many it’s using per month. After getting that data, Silvestri says you will plug it into a formula to determine how many backlinks you need for your page.

Incorporate Internal Linking

Backlinking aside, it is important to ensure that there is also internal linking throughout your pages. Internal linking is most often seen in software blogs or news. It works by hyperlinking your other content to an anchor text on the page, meaning the web visitor does not need to Google a concept.

Internal linking is highly effective as Google likes content that utilizes hyperlinks. Internal linking means that you keep the audience on your website for longer, and you do not lose them to another website. It also establishes to the customer that you are an expert since you have previously covered all the necessary content on the topic.

Add Statistics and Quotes

When creating content, SaaS founders should consider whether it is actionable or newsworthy. This means there should be a quote that will serve as a call to action or an attention-grabbing statistic. Adding these to your content makes it more professional and establishes trust.

Of course, ensuring you are using the relevant information is necessary. Sensationalism isn’t the only factor to consider when picking a statistic or quote. One should consider whether it’s recent or whether it really deepens the context and thus adds value to the content.

Use Custom Graphics and Elements

While it may be tempting to use stock images for your blogs, investing in a graphics designer to edit photos to be inserted in your blog will be better. Tailor-fit collaterals shouldn’t only be for social media. It also helps boost your page’s search ranking or even the domain itself.

An easy way to incorporate this would be to ask a graphics designer to create a template for your brand. Having a default background and pre-selected elements using the brand’s color scheme will ensure minimal editing for your media. It will also help to imprint the brand on the web visitor further.


91% of Content Has No Traffic

According to an Ahrefs Study, almost 91% of pages in Google generate no organic traffic. This means that a vast majority of the content on the internet needs to yield meaningful results. In short, they just clutter the internet while gathering dust. Applying the right SEO tactic is even more crucial if you truly want your content to contribute to your SaaS sales funnel.

Pricing Lower at the Start is Fine

It’s fine to offer your products or services for free initially. This helps build brand awareness and the reputation or credibility of what you are selling. Keep in mind that the keyword here is ‘initially.’ This means that you will eventually increase your price to match your value.

Either be Better or be Different 

Ranking in Google is tough as there is a lot of competition. Using the right process aside, it’s important to do your research and know what the competition is doing. After that, you ensure your content and strategy are 10 steps ahead. Of course, you can also catch Google’s interest by being a wild card.


Alan Silvestri

[17:47] “So what happens is they get discouraged and they simply quit. And they stop doing promotion which– this leads to what I call the content graveyard.”

[18:38] “So you know your audience, you know the pain points of the audience. Then create content that’s targeting those pain points because those are typically low hanging fruit keywords with less competition.”

Matt Wolach

[3:44] “A podcast keeps you busy. I know that. But it’s a lot of fun and definitely a great learning experience.”

[7:39] “When you get started, it’s totally okay to charge something less than you actually will in the future.”

[8:26] “Make sure that you’re over delivering for your early clients, and you’re able to get some awesome results.”


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