VIDEOCAST: Best Practices for Getting the Most Out of Partners – with Cassandra Gholston

Founder/CEO of Partnertap Cassandra Gholston Shares strategies, and experience on everything Partnership.

You know what one of the most forgotten, yet best lead generation methods is?

It’s something that can deliver high-quality ideal leads, ready to buy.

And yet, so many companies totally forget about it.

I’m talking about Partnerships.

Because when you have a great partner, you can get a large number of perfect leads placed right on your doorstep.

But too many companies don’t include this as part of their strategy. Or they don’t know how to make partnerships work best.

Fortunately I was able to speak with Cassandra Gholston, the CEO of PartnerTap.

She joined me on the SaaS-Story in the Making Podcast this week.

And she told us all of her best tips for amazing partnerships.


✅ How to find ideal partners for your company
✅ Ways to convince a partner to form a relationship with you
✅ What you can do to maximize the amount of leads you get

So check it out to learn her best practices.

And get your partner strategy taking off. ?

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