You Have an Obligation to be Great

A compelling perspective when it comes to B2B SaaS Sales and the demo process.

Everyone wants to have a good sales process. And everyone knows it’s important to give a good quality demo to potential customers in order to ensure the best outcome (closing the most amount of deals with ideal customers).

But not everyone selling software considers just how important a quality demo is.

Robert Riefstahl said it very well in his book Demonstrating to Win! that you have an obligation to your company:

“Many people’s livelihoods depend on you. It’s your obligation to be the best you can be at presenting your software.”

Wow, how powerful! Many founders and sales reps who demonstrate their product just think of it as their job, something they have to do, or something that will bring them some short term cash.

But what a big picture to think about!

You’re not only impacting your own wallet, but your fortunes carry the success (or lack thereof) of your team and company! If you have a great day and deliver outstanding sales demos, and repeat this process over many days, weeks, etc, then you’ll really make it easier for your company to give better benefits to their staff, increase pay of well-performing team members, and even achieve funding to be able to go to the next level.

For some, this perspective may bring added pressure – and fear of failure knowing how important it is to the entire organization.

For for those who thrive on making an impact, this can push good salespeople to be great.

Riefstahl goes even further: he says your obligation also includes a responsibility to the prospects to whom you’re demoing. If you believe in your product, if you truly think it’s going to help people improve their lives and their company, then you must perform with excellence every time.

Because if you have a bad day, or if you are not quite prepared, or if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you will not only lose the sale – but you’ll make it so that your prospect company loses out on the benefit of your product.

They will literally be worse off with a competitor or with nothing.

The moral of the story? Don’t think about the mistakes you could make in your demo, focus on how delivering a fantastic experience will boost the trajectory of your company and all the people in it.

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